Darius in battle against Alexander
the Great. Originally from Pompeii,
now in Naples Museum, Italy.

Alexandre Marinis

Alexandre Marinis is the founding partner of Mosaico Economia Política. He was senior political and economic analyst at Banco de Investimentos Garantia / Credit Suisse for more than eight years. Between 2008 and 2011, Marinis was also the Latin America columnist for Bloomberg News. Previously, he worked in the consultancy office of Former Brazilian Finance Minister Delfim Netto and in the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress.

Marinis has a Master’s degree in Public Policy (MPP), and MBA, both from Georgetown University (Washington, DC), as well as his degree in economics from São Paulo University. Throughout his career he has specialized in the study of how the political decision process affects economic results.

Mosaico Political Economy

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