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Jun 24, 2013

Cresce o risco populista

O economista político Alexandre Marinis, sócio da Consultoria Mosaico, está bastante preocupado. “Estamos num momento extremamente perigoso do ponto de vista econômico, social e político”, ele diz.

by Fernando Dantas / Broadcast
Feb 11, 2011

Rousseff under pressure to ease Brazil budget cuts

Dispute over the minimum wage has opened up early strains with unions who form a critical base of support for Rousseff's Workers' Party. Yet the president is likely to prevail since her political capital remains high early in her term, said Alexandre Marinis.

by Stuart Grudgings, Ana Nicolaci Da Costa / Reuters
Nov 30, 2010

Apple’s IPhone Void Leaves a Nation Begging

Lacking alternatives, better-off Brazilians who hunger for iPhones, iPods or iPads buy them outside Brazil -- or on the local black market, where they can cost two to three times the manufacturer’s suggested price.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Nov 19, 2010

How Brazil’s Rousseff Can Keep Markets Sane

If Brazil’s President-elect Dilma Rousseff wants to foster investment to sustain economic growth and accelerate the convergence between domestic and international interest rates without stoking inflation, she needs to keep former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci in the government’s decision-making nucleus. Anything else would be an unparalleled waste and an irreparable mistake.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Nov 02, 2010

Brazil’s Rousseff Will Miss Lula’s Luck

Two things are certain about Brazil’s president-elect, Dilma Rousseff. First, she will never be as popular as her political patron, the legendary Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Second, she will face a much tougher environment and much bigger challenges than her predecessor.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Aug 19, 2010

Bank Gone Wild in Brazil Distorts Market

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has transformed Brazil’s state development bank into a key engine of economic growth since his re-election in 2006. Yet Lula’s policy of pushing the bank’s involvement into so many areas of Brazilian life now threatens the momentum of the world’s eighth-largest economy.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Mar 25, 2010

Sky-High Interest Rates Come Without a Price

In most countries, an interest rate increase can be as damaging to a presidential campaign as a sex scandal. Brazil isn’t like most countries.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Feb 23, 2010

Obama’s ‘Man’ Goes Nuclear as Global Fixer

Historically, Brazilian diplomacy has been recognized as effective and managed by a foreign service staffed with highly qualified professionals. Under Lula, though, the country’s foreign policy has proved ineffective in several ways. Lula’s approach hasn’t always supported Brazil’s best economic interests. It’s failed to swiftly adapt to changing circumstances. And it has been infused with an outdated anti- U.S. mentality.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Feb 05, 2010

Secret Weapons, Sex Tips Can’t Save Rulers

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner drove her nation’s economy off a cliff while advising the population to eat pork because it improves sex. Not to be outdone, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims the U.S. used a secret weapon to trigger Haiti’s earthquake. He, too, ruined a national economy.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
Dec 30, 2009

Kids Toys, Pay Hikes Keep Leftists in Power

Several left-wing leaders in the region were voted into office or re-elected this year. Their parties grew stronger politically and, in some cases, won control of the judiciary and media. Their combination of market-friendly macroeconomic policies and social programs for the poor has been popular with voters so far.

by Alexandre Marinis / Bloomberg
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