Alexander the Great at the battle of Issus. Fragment of a large mosaic from Pompeii, now in Naples Museum, Italy

Mosaico Political Economy puts the individual characteristics and needs of each client in first place. We focus on quality and flexibility, to maximize focus and add the highest value possible to every single client.

Unlike most consultancy firms, especially in Brazil, Mosaico does not have a single product distributed to all clients with the same format and frequency. Clients of Mosaico can receive differentiated analysis, oriented closely by individual needs, and also their requirements in terms of detailed timing.

Our aim is to provide original analyses of such exceptional quality that they truly add value to our clients’ activities.

As well as its consultancy services, in their most varied and flexible forms (printed reports, 24–7 telephone access, email, etc.), Mosaico offers specific tailor-made projects and studies, specialized analysis of opinion surveys, and lectures, speeches and conference calls.

Mosaico Political Economy

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